How do I place my First Order?

You can place order by just a call to the given number.You can also visit our stores directly with your clothes.

How much time you take for delivery?

We normally take 3-4 days for delivery.But it may vary depending upon the type of garment and any tough stains.

What are the Payment Methods accepted at your store?

We accept all kinds of Payments be it Cash,UPI or Card.

Can you remove all type of stains?

Almost YES!But we have to restrict ourselves based on color and quality of garment.

Can you remove Ink leakage spots from Clothes?

Yes we can.But sometimes due to color and texture of clothes we have to restrict ourselves from usage of strong chemicals.In that case spots may remain even after our treatment.

Kindly do not treat any such stains at home.Bring it to US as soon as possible! *Do not use water or detergents on such clothes*

What if my clothes get lost by Amritsari?

No Chance! We have end to end garment tracking system. We keep your clothes tagged with QR codes and Bar codes at various levels. So! there is absolutely no chance of your clothes getting lost.

Also you will be updated through our Application where your cloth is so that you don’t have a fear of losing your valuables!

“My clothes still have colour spots after drycleaning.Is Amritsari losing its efficiency?”

Absolutely Not! We are committed in providing quality services. But modern day food items use synthetic colours which can’t be removed even after use of strong chemicals. In case you face such issue do tell the store manager or Pick up guy beforehand and we will treat your clothes separately.

Please place your order once again and if its our mistake we will treat it for "FREE"

“My cloth/Garment is quite expensive with decorative items on it.Will it be destroyed in dry cleaning?”

This depends on quality of the decorative items. Although we maintain full care while dealing with such items there can be chances of mistakes if cloth is not branded or such items are attached using cheap chemical and gums. Do tell us before hand in case of expensive clothes and any lucrative and decorative items.We don’t offer any grantee in such a case.

Are their any Terms & Conditions attached to your service?

Yes.We do have terms and conditions attached to our Service.

1. Customers are requested to examine garments at the time of collection of clothes. We will not be responsible for any valuable items later on.

2. We are not responsible for fastness/running of colour/shrinkage/damage to embellishments/embroidery/any sort of work on garments during process.

3. Every effort is made to remove stains, but we will not be responsible for stubborn and irremovable stains.

4. All articles are accepted at Customer Risk

5. The tariff of designer wear will be decided on a case to case basis depending on complexity of garments.

6. We will not be responsible if garments are not collected within 15 days of schedule delivery.

7. In case garment/Linen gets damaged in the process we may consider payment of compensation which will be maximum limited to 1000 rupees. (If not insured)

8. All Disputes are subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction only.

9. We assume dry-cleaning charges to be only 20 percent of clothes.


  • First Order 15
  • Process Related 9
  • Payments 4
  • Refunds 5
  • Terms & Conditions 3


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